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A wealth of attractions at the first Polish edition of Top Gear Live

A wealth of attractions at the first Polish edition of Top Gear Live

Scooter-drawn chariot races and car curling are just two of the myriad of crazy shows that will be put on during Top Gear Live – a part of the fourth edition of VERVA Street Racing. We invite all thrill seekers to attend the event which will be held on 21st September at the National Stadium in Warsaw! This will also be the first motoring show ever at this venue.

The motoring entertainment show will be hosted by well-known television stars: Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. They will be also joined by The Stig. The Top Gear team will be conducting the show from a mobile studio, powered by a Chevrolet Corvette V8 engine. This unusual stage will make it possible not only to have a dynamic event narration, but also to perform unexpected manoeuvres, such as donuts.

The hearts of all Top Gear Live and VERVA Street Racing fans will certainly beat faster during the Moped Chariots race. The ancient form of entertainment, dearly loved by the Romans, has been adjusted to the 21st century standards by the Top Gear team. Instead of horses, the two-wheeled vehicles will be pulled by scooters while the programme’s presenters will be riding as the charioteers. Car curling, an auto-based version of the peculiar winter sport, should also prove to be an interesting spectacle.

The first Polish edition of the world-famous show will be preceded by a showcase of Polish motorsport stars’ skills. The participation of VERVA Racing Team and ORLEN Team members, including Adam Małysz, will surely spur the spectators' imagination and make them go wild with excitement. We are also preparing a surprise that will feature Kuba Przygoński driving a modified Toyota GT86 with over 1000 horsepower – informs Leszek Kurnicki, Executive Marketing Director at PKN ORLEN.

Thus far, the Top Gear Live team has managed to perform in front of audiences that numbered over 1.75 million individuals, and each tour involved a set of interesting statistics. Every year, the tour requires the use of 135 trucks, 3 ships, 1 cargo plane and over 150 sets of tyres. Never before has the entire playing field of the stadium been used and never before have the presenters hosted the show at a venue of this size. The show has toured across numerous countries, including Australia, Holland, Russia, the Republic of South Africa and Great Britain. Poland will be the first time for the show to be hosted in Central Europe!

We know that Top Gear has a huge fan base in Poland so it is very exciting to team up with Verva Street Racing and bring a special edition of Top Gear Live to such a magnificent stadium - says James Cooke-Priest, Chief Operating Officer of Top Gear Live.

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